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Saturday, March 31, 9:19 a.m.

Jack endured much in his role of supervisor of Leo Krakowski, erstwhile intern at the Washingtonian newspaper.

His primary grievances:

  • Leo was always late to work.
  • Leo always left early.
  • Leo was never at his desk, instead spending hours hustling the flunkies in HR for a job or trying to get a piece of ass down in the all female Arts and Entertainment newsroom.
  • Leo fact-checked nothing. He preferred to check his email, Facebook, and “I don’t know what-all.”
  • Leo was a car thief who could not be trusted to move a fellow journalist’s vehicle a mere two blocks from one parking lot to another.
  • Leo was a terrible writer.

“That was the worst thing about him,” Jack rails. “He couldn’t write a coherent sentence to save his life.”

The bathroom door flies open.

“Yeah? Really?” Leo barks.

Cue the melodramatic music.