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Wednesday, March 28, 10:26 p.m.

Translation of my handwritten notes:

3/28/11, Telephone interview, Jack O’Lies
Subject: Trip to morgue

Back + forth between me + J about whether recorder is off.

I inform J I’m taking notes. J=laughs for awhile. Me=threatens to hang up + go to bed.

J= “Sorry. Don’t do that. Sorry.”

Me= “What happened at the morgue?”

J= “Harry called and asked me if I wanted to watch the autopsy. The condo murder, remember?”

Me= “Why did he invite you?”

J= “He knows I’m working on the story. Wanted to throw the old dog a bone, I guess. I don’t know.”

Me= “Why are you working on that story?”

J= “Something about it is…it’s the weirdest thing. It’s just so damned familiar. Know what I mean? It’s like something I already know about, like a [lost quote—J talking too fast] Does that make any sense?”

Me= “What were the autopsy photos like?”

J= “Horrible. Brutal. Worst thing I’ve ever seen, frankly. Worse than the ones of my wife. I mean—Christ, hers were worse for me, but Jesus [lost quote—J rambling/confusing.] Absolutely grotesque. Intestines strung out all over the living room, draped over the sofa and the curtain rails. Face cut off and fingernails pulled—

Me= “I think we should end this interview.”

J= “I’ve got to tell you. Please. Because you’re [lost quote—J talking too fast.]

Me= “No, I’m not, Jack.”

J= “I think you are. I do. I don’t know why.”

Me= “I think we should end this interview.”

[Back + forth between me + J about ending interview.]

J= “Just let me tell you, before you go. Harry said she bled out completely. Like my wife.”

Me= “You think same the murderer killed her?”

J= “No. He’s dead. He got killed in prison. Remember? I told you that. I think I told you that.”

Me= “Yes, you told me that.”

J= “I got more of those texts today. And more emails. Did you get any?”

Me= “No texts. Not sure about the emails.”

J= “Did you check?”

Me= “No.”

J= “Why not? Where’ve you been today? I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for hours. I thought something happened to you.”

Me= “How drunk are you right now?”

J= “Not drunk enough. Jesus, not nearly drunk enough. I left you eight voicemails today. You scared the shit out of me.”

Me= “Where’s Lucy right now?”

J= “The texts, the emails, all of it stopped after I went to the morgue to look at the pictures. Why do you think they stopped?”

Me= “Where’s Lucy?”

J= [Lost quote—J incoherent/drunk.]

Me= “Jack! Where is Lucy?”

J= “Upstairs. She and her boyfriend or whatever he is had some kind of fight. She’s moody. Moodier than usual. Could you come over?”

Me= “What? Come where? What?”

J= “Come over.”

Me= “To your place?”

J= “Yeah.”

Me= “At this time of night?”

J= “Yeah.”

Me “What for? For Lucy? Are you that drunk? Deal with her yourself!”

J= “I’m scared as hell. I [lost quote, J talking too fast.] Don’t ever disappear on me again, Katherine.”

Me= “This is exactly why I wanted to tape this!”

J= “Can’t you help me? Like you said?”

Me= “This is getting strange.”

J= “Please, Katherine. Promise me. Promise?”

Me= “Okay. I promise.”

End of notes.