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Wednesday, March 28, 10:24 p.m.

Jack: What?

Katherine: Nothing. Are you going to tell me whatever it was you saw at the morgue?

Jack: Did you just turn on your recorder?

Katherine: Yes.

Jack: I don’t want you to record this.

Katherine: But—well, see, I’d just really rather—

Jack: What?

Katherine: So, are you going to tell me, or whatever? It’s getting late. I’ve got work tomorrow…

Jack: I don’t want this conversation recorded, I said.

Katherine: But—

Jack: But nothing, Katherine! Turn it off.

Katherine: But—

Jack: I’ll hang up and then I’ll call back, and if you’re still recording, you’ll be breaking the law.

Katherine: Oh come on, Jack! Seriously!

Jack: I’m hanging up.

Katherine: Okay, okay, Jesus freakin’ Chr—

End of recording.