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Wednesday, March 28, 3:19 p.m.

Okay. The facts:

1. “They” have one of my email addresses.
But not all of them. Not my work email. Why do they have this particular email address? It’s so inactive, compared to my other email accounts.

2. Jack is freaking out.

3. I am freaking out.

4. I have been photographed with Jack at his home.
Photographed in an unfortunate posture, for those who choose to interpret it wrongly.

5. I have been cyberstalked.
And real stalked.

6. Jack’s daughter has been indirectly threatened.
But my daughter has not been threatened.

7. “They” think I’m Jack’s girlfriend.
“They” don’t know that I’m not. “They” don’t realize that I’m married, and that I’ve known Jack for all of a week on a purely professional level.

8. “They” have been texting and emailing Jack for days. “They” followed him to his neighborhood bar and to his house.
But this is the first time I’ve been contacted.

9. “They” don’t know how to find me.