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Wednesday, March 28, 3:17 p.m.

I open the photo of Jack first.

Weegee photo 1943

It’s blurry, low resolution and terribly pixilated. I squint and make out a brick wall behind him, splashed by the orange glare of a streetlight. In the foreground is a spectral, underexposed face that I guess is Jack’s. His cobra posture is unmistakable. He’s slightly hunched over, maybe reaching for something he dropped. Or maybe choking someone lying on the sidewalk.

To be honest, I can’t tell where he is or what he’s doing. But he appears to be caught in the act…and not an act of kindness.

I click on the other photo. I expect an equally low-resolution camera phone snapshot.

Instead, a high-resolution photo takes its sweet time opening. When it does, I get a load of an ultra-sharp image captured by an expensive camera wielded with true skill.

Hopper Painting

I stare aghast at the photo. Jack and I are sitting on the moldy old couch on his porch in a rundown section of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. He’s holding a coffee cup in his right hand. I’m holding the thick strap of my purse in my left hand. As for our unoccupied hands…they seem to be entwined. We’re looking at each other. Starlight is eminent. It’s all very cinematic. What a pair we make.

Except we weren’t holding hands. I was dropping his driver’s license and car keys into his hand. Our fingers never even touched. We aren’t a pair of anything.

The digital camera I use for work isn’t powerful enough to pull off a shot like this. Most average Joe digital cameras couldn’t do it, unless the photographer had been standing all obvious in the soggy front yard and let the flash rip.

This photo was taken by a pro. A photojournalist.

Or someone with a really expensive camera and a grudge.