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Wednesday, March 28, 3:09 p.m.

I can’t resist once the idea occurs to me. Granted, it takes several hours and a dose of lunch along with a couple shots of espresso before it occurs to me. Still, it is irresistible.

Jack is very upset over that Baltic phishing email. I doubt it’s anything serious. I doubt there’s a photo of us attached. “They,” whoever “they” are, have sent nothing to my work email, so I doubt “they” saw Jack and me together.


I have a personal email account.

I’ve been busy. I haven’t checked it since yesterday. Possibly the day before. What if “they” sent the putative photo of Jack and me not to my work email, but to my personal account?

Or accounts. I have three. Yes, three. Not counting two joint accounts I share with my husband and never check, two random other accounts, and a 1990s era thing I haven’t used since college but never bothered to deactivate, just in case…of what, I’m not sure. A crucial History 241 midterm email that never came? Some people collect baseball cards or stamps or failed relationships. I don’t collect anything, except, I suddenly realize, email accounts. And dead pay by the minute cell phones.

I don’t dare open an infected personal email at work. How would I explain that? So I take a fifteen minute break and go to the public library a few blocks from my office. I snag a free computer, login and check my favorite personal email account. Nothing. I check my secondary account. Nothing. In the third, I find it. And everything suddenly shifts to a very bad spectrum.