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Wednesday, March 28, 11:11 a.m.

Katherine: Jack?

Jack: Still here.

Katherine: What’s wrong?

Jack: Did you read my piece?

Katherine: Which piece?

Jack: Just now—I filed it at ten. The tech kid posted it to the Washingtonian website a couple minutes ago.

(Clacking sound. No speech for 46 seconds.)

Katherine: Is it… “Another body discovered in the vicinity of Lake Washington?”

Jack: Yeah.

Katherine: No, I didn’t read it.

Jack: Did they email you?

Katherine: Who?

Jack: I got an email. There were pictures. Check.

Katherine: Um…

(Clacking sound. No speech for 14 seconds.)

Katherine: I got a couple pitches from foodie PR firms. One’s got a photo of some kind of lamb dish. Looks tasty.

Jack: Nothing else?

Katherine: Fries…yam fries. I love those—oh, now I get it, “The Lamb ‘n’ Yam Festival.” Clever-ish.

Jack: Katherine! Check and see if there’s a picture of us.

Katherine: Us? What? Us when?

Jack: Yesterday. On the porch.

(Clacking sound. No speech for six seconds.)

Katherine: Nope. Are you sure you didn’t imagine it?

Jack: It’s us last night. I’m looking at it right now.

Katherine: Who could’ve taken our picture? Lucy?

Jack: No. No way. I’ll forward it to you.

Katherine: Wait, no—do not forward me some weird, virus-having email, Jack!

Jack: I already sent it.

(No speech for eleven seconds. Clacking sounds. No speech for six seconds.)

Katherine: I deleted it.

Jack: Did you see?

Katherine: No, I said I deleted it. I marked it as junk and deleted it. I’m not infecting my office with your Eastern European spam.

Jack: (Inaudible) frustrating as hell, you know that?

Katherine: Hm?

Jack: I—Jesus, I’ve got to get out of here. Can they see me? Through the computer or something?

Katherine: You mean some kind of keystroke capture program? I think a virus can do that.

Jack: I mean can they see me? I feel like they’re watching me.

Katherine: Seriously? You’ve got to get it together! That’s ridiculous.

(No speech for four seconds.)

Katherine: Although…do you have a webcam? What if the Russian mafia could hack it, like in a movie or something? I never thought about that before. How cool a plot twist would that be? Can you hack Skype? Maybe it already was in a movie. Or, I think I saw this episode of “CSI” once where—

Jack: I’m leaving. I’ve got to get away, this damned computer is spying on me. Can you meet me at home? No, they know how to find us there. Shit!

Katherine: Who is “they,” Jack? There is no “they.” “They” are in Singapore or something, stealing your credit card information. Go to the bank and cancel everything, but calm the hell down!

Unidentified: Hey, did you get a chance to look at that listing I forwarded you?

Katherine: What? Sorry, I—hang on. Jack? I’ve got to go. Sorry, what did you forward me?

End of recording.