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Wednesday, March 28, 11:09 a.m.

A call is transferred to my office at ten-ish. Or maybe it’s eleven-ish. It’s before noon, I’m sure of that. Fairly sure. I haven’t had to lunch yet, and I’m hungry.

Journal Newspapers, this is Katherine,” I answer mechanically.

A heavy, shaky exhalation makes the phone buzz against my ear.

“Hello?” I say.

“Are you okay?” a voice says. It’s a man’s voice. It’s a voice that I don’t immediately recognize.

“Yeah…” I say. “Who is this?”

“Did you get an email from them?”


I’m not paying attention, I admit it. I’m fiddling with our paper’s Twitter feed, which I forgot to attend to until this moment. And I’m pondering lunch.

“Katherine! Tell me you’re okay,” the voice rasps.

I’m paying attention now.

“Jack?” I say.

He’s breathing hard, like a person coming straight off a hundred yard dash. I stop playing with the tweets and kick the door to my office shut.

“Mind if I tape this?” I say.

He says, “Yes,” or “Are you okay or not?” or maybe “Jesus Marion Joseph!” He’s breathing too hard to understand.

I turn on my recorder.