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The Washingtonian

 Westgate Serial Killer captured

March 23, 1998

By Jack O’Lies

Robert “Bobby” Dean Clasky, identified by police as the Westgate Serial Killer, was arrested and charged with eight counts of murder in the first degree Sunday. He was apprehended in the immediate vicinity of his eighth victim, Jennifer Elaine O’Lies of Seattle, who had been stabbed to death in a wooded area outside Seattle city limits. Clasky was found covered with blood and in possession of a weapon that police classified as a homemade bayonet.

Law enforcement from three jurisdictions worked in collaboration for 19 months to track Clasky, who is described by the King County Sheriff spokesman as a drifter. Clasky, who has an extensive arrest record in King County and the city of Seattle, confessed to the murder of Jennifer Elaine O’Lies upon being read his rights.

Clasky kidnapped the victim at the Ballard Stop ‘n’ Shop market near her home. He is believed to have forced the victim at gunpoint to drive her car to the murder site, where he raped and mutilated her with a crude weapon. Paramedics were unable to resuscitate the victim, who is estimated to have died just minutes before police arrived on scene. Her extensive wounds were inflicted while still alive, according to King County Coroner Harry Dekins.

“We had pinned him down to his last known [address], but we missed him,” said Seattle Police detective Allan MacIntosh. “We were just too late.”

Police were able to track Clasky to the remote murder site due to assistance provided by the victim’s 3-year-old daughter, who witnessed the kidnapping. The child was not harmed by Clasky.

Jennifer Elaine O’Lies, age 29, is survived by her husband, Jack O’Lies.